Michael Perusse

Letter of Recommendation Michael Perusse (pdf)


Portland Maine

We have been teaching the PBSA Bartending Class here in Portland Maine for over 15 years!


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36 Schools! We have trained THOUSANDS of people Just like you! Some have opened there own Bar and became Famous like Bar Rescue!!

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PBSA National Certification Bartender Classes

Our PBSA Bartender Program is certified by PBSA. We understand the importance of you getting a Bartending Job. 

PBSA Bartending Classes Offerings

We embrace a learning environment that will prepare you for the first day on the job and beyond. The classroom is separated into various learning centers that promote skill development through various hands-on activities.

36 Schools Nation-wide

Your needs and employer needs are our top priority. Our focus on people and communication skills. We work closely with each future bartender and our contacts to work with network and services and provide high-quality Professional Bartender Program.