Where To Search For Bartending Jobs

how to find a bartending job

Searching for the right bartending job is arguably the most time consuming phase of the hiring process. It takes patience, dedication, and most importantly – consistency. The following post will walk you through each gateway of searching for bartending a job. From searching online, to taking advantage of agencies and …

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How Long Is Bartending School?

Bartending school length

Bartending schools are time-limited across the nation, but generally speaking, courses will take around 40 hours to complete. Every school is different, of course, so the length of each course will likely depend on which school you attend… their availability and schedule… and whether the school is held online or …

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Is Bartending School Worth It?


Short answer: It depends. Let’s face it, bartending school can be quite the investment. But that doesn’t exactly that your money is NOT worth it. Like any school or course, one can take full advantage of the opportunity in front of them. You’ll be forced to read, study bartending terminology …

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Bartending School: Pros and Cons

Bartending school is a complicated subject…. Depending on whom you talk to, people either hate it or love it. Some would do it all over again, and have taken full advantage of all the benefits bartending schools can bring. Others, have a distaste for bartending schools altogether. Why is the …

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