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Bartenders trained learn to prepare non-alcoholic drinks for pretend patrons of a real bar. The bartending training is all about situations of customer service and doing the bartending job from start to finish!

The bartender's main responsibility is to know the standard drink recipes and be able to mix them quickly and accurately. Occasionally, customers have their own preferences or recipes for a bartender to follow. Bartenders here also check the identification of customers seated at bars to ensure that they meet the minimum drinking age.

With years of experience, the instructors teach people (students) how to take drink orders, serve drinks, and tab out for the drink order.

You will learn how to mix drinks correctly and provide exceptional customer service that will result in making BIG TIPS!

Bartenders may have additional duties: Sometimes need to arrange bottles and bar-ware, wash glasses, and clean the bar. Bartenders also remove empty bottles and trash and replace empty beer kegs. In large bars and restaurants they may be assisted by a bartender helper "Bar Back". We go through it all in class!

We'll show you how to stock the bar by bringing liquor bottles, mixed drink ingredients, and other bar supplies from the storeroom to the bar. You keep track of wines, beers, liquors, and other supplies. Some bartenders do the actual ordering of bar supplies. Others report what is needed to the owner or to a purchasing agent. In very large restaurants and bars the ordering of supplies is done by a wine steward or a beverage manager.

In addition to bars and cocktail lounges, you may work in hotels, in private clubs, aboard ships, and on trains. Many of our bartenders placed work in restaurants that have a liquor license until late at night. About one-fifth of all our graduate bartenders work for someone they know who owns their own bar.

Education and Bartending Training Requirements

Most bartenders learn their trade here at a licensed bartending trade school - on the job after attending an Alcohol Certificate Training Course. Working as a service bartender is good experience for someone who wishes to become a full-time bartender. Service bartenders can learn how to tend bar by watching the bartender work.

Bartenders must be aware of state and local laws concerning the sale of alcoholic drinks. We teach ServeSafe Alcohol Training or T.I.P.S. during each class.

Bartenders in most states must be at least eighteen years old, but some bars prefer to hire individuals who are twenty-one or older. So older people do very well also! We teach that bartenders must have a neat and clean appearance and a pleasant, agreeable manner. We tech how you will need to interact socially with the patrons, which works to their advantage as far as tipping is concerned.

Getting the Job

Many bars will train prospective bartenders who have attended and completed an established bartending program that reviews state laws regarding alcohol safety.

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