SINCE 1978!

PBSA Licensed Bartending Schools, Offer Quality Nationally Recognized Bartender Traing Courses!

Every School & Course listed here has been effectively training & operating for at least 20 years!

This PBSA Program will teach you in just minuets to pour accurately and with style doing so!

Your main responsibility is to learn the standard (common) drink recipes (not hundreds of drinks) but be able to mix them with accurate proportions.  

Occasionally, customers have their own preferences or recipes for a bartender to follow and we'll teach you what to do about that!  Student 


Bartenders here also will learn to check the identification of customers seated at bars to ensure that they meet the minimum drinking age.
Bartenders trained learn to prepare non-alcoholic drinks for pretend patrons of a real bar. The bartending training is all about situations of customer service and doing the bartending job from start to finish!
With years of experience, our instructor will teach you how to take drink orders, serve drinks, and tab out for the drink order.

You will learn how to mix drinks correctly and provide exceptional customer service that will result in making BIG TIPS!

PBSA Training