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Portland ME

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Friday January 10th 6pm-10pm

Saturday January 11th 10am-4pm


  81 Riverside Street, Portland ME 04103



 I want to introduce myself!  My name is Michael Perusse and I've been Teaching Professional Bartending for more than 25 years!  I will be your Instructor & Program Coordinator for the  September 20th PBSA Portland Maine Bartending Course.  See you soon!

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With Expert Instruction! You will Learn how to pour like a Pro! Free-pour, measure pour!  This course will teach you how to look like you have been doing this for years!

Pour Like a Pro! 

34 PBSA School Nation-wide!

34 PBSA Schools

What is Professional Bartending Schools of America?

We are a group of professional trade schools that are licensed by each state in which we do business. Our first schools opened in 1978. We teach professional bartending as a full or part-time career. We now have 34 campuses nationwide and trained over 9,000 bartenders in 2005.  

PBSA Training

Do I really need to go to bartending school?
No, you don’t have to go to bartending school, but it is a huge advantage!! Bartenders out of our program can work as Service Bartenders, Night Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants and almost anywhere! 

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